Crafting the perfect media pitch

rp_How-to-pitch-as-a-guest-blogger-300x280.jpgAre you looking for media coverage for your business? Media pitching is one of the best ways to entice journalists to tell your business’ story. Media pitches offer a brief and compelling explanation of a particular issue, news angle or exclusive story and put forward a representative from your business to be interviewed on the […]

What to do if a journalist says no

rp_Yelling-150x150.jpgHave you spent hours carefully crafting a media pitch, sending it to a journalist, following-up a few days later with a phone call and they say no, not interested? So where do you go from here? Don’t get disheartened, there are many reasons a journalist may have turned down your media pitch. If this happens […]

What you can learn from Halloween for your PR strategy

rp_Person-with-red-hair-150x150.jpgHalloween was last night and you may have seen some zombies trick or treating in your neighbourhood! There are a number of ideas you can borrow from Halloween that can help to bring your PR strategy back from the dead. For instance: Use evergreen stories: Each year there are many calendar events which the media […]

What is a media kit and do you need one?

rp_Media-definition.jpgA media kit is a folder containing information about your business, product or event. They are mainly used at events and for launches as a package of information for journalists to help them write their story. The point of a media kit is to catch the eye of a journalist and make them want to […]

Why you should pitch a local angle

rp_Yelling-150x150.jpgMany businesses want to gain media coverage in all the top national and metropolitan news outlets and often forget about the benefits of local news. For many businesses the majority of their customers and clients are in their local area. This means gaining media coverage in local newspapers, magazines, newsletters, radio programs or TV programs […]