Women on Boards

Executive Women Health ConferenceCP Communications was engaged to raise the profile of Women on Boards, a social enterprise to improve the gender balance on Australian company boards. Women on Boards brokers women into board roles, offers professional development and mentoring programs, hosts excellent events and ensures a high level of dynamic interaction across its large and influential network. […]

How to write a company announcement media release

rp_How-to-pitch-as-a-guest-blogger-300x280.jpgCompany announcements are an important regulatory requirement for listed public companies. They are legally required to inform their investors, shareholders, customers and publics about their latest company news. Your company may not be legally required to release your news however it’s a useful tactic to incorporate into your PR strategy. By releasing your company news […]

Public Relations and blogging: A match made in heaven?

rp_Public-relations-word-ball-150x150.jpgIncreasingly, savvy companies are turning to blogs to complement their communications arsenal of press releases, newsletters and client communications. While blogging is certainly becoming more mainstream, it’s often still not the first consideration for businesses wanting to increase their online authority, build relationships with potential customers and raise awareness of their products and services. Blogging is a […]