The benefits of hiring a small PR agency

Best agency crossword_smallHiring a PR agency is a great strategy for businesses who want to stand out from their competitors, tell their story, build their profile and reputation and communicate with their target audience.

However, when it comes to agencies, bigger doesn’t always mean better.

Hiring a small PR agency can deliver just as much compelling exposure in both traditional and online media as a larger firm. Smaller PR companies are often comprised of a close knit group of individuals who are all focused on meeting their clients PR objectives.

Here are some things to consider when deciding which PR agency is suitable for your business.

You are the focus
Smaller PR agencies often have fewer clients, which means they can place a greater focus on your business. They may also have more time to spend on achieving your PR objectives and creating a relationship with you.

What you see is what you get
When meeting with a large PR agency for the first time they will often send their senior managers and executives to discuss your account. However, once you have hired the PR agency junior staff members will be assigned to work day-to-day on your account.

At smaller agencies generally what you see is what you get. The team you initially meet during the planning phase will more than likely be the same team you continue to work with throughout your partnership. This gives you the ability to foster a strong working relationship with your PR agency. You also have more access to senior executives when using a smaller agency.

Get your money’s worth
Businesses should ensure they are receiving the best results possible for the money they are spending. Smaller agencies are more likely to be competitive on price as they have less overheads then larger companies. However, when choosing a PR agency you need to consider more than just the price. Look at what areas they specialise in, what their company culture is like, what results they have achieved, how transparent they are and what their customer service is like.

The most important thing is for your business to be able to work effectively with your PR agency to achieve the best results.

Building relationships
Smaller agencies work in an intimate environment which encourages team members to share ideas and support each other. Even though one or two PR professionals are working on your account the whole agency may still be involved by providing their ideas and advice. Smaller agencies can often   focus more time and energy on each individual client in order to provide excellent service and maximise their client’s budget.

It is important for a public relations agency to regularly sit down with you and learn about your businesses strengths and unique points of difference, anything that can give you a competitive edge over others in the industry.

Hiring a PR agency
It’s important to conduct research into PR agencies to determine if they are suitable for your business. Often small agencies have the ability to specialise in certain areas which allows them to create and maintain close relationships with the journalists in these areas.

Once you have found a suitable PR agency schedule a meeting with them to discuss your PR objectives. It’s important to choose the right agency that can help you achieve your PR goals.

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