How to be a good ghost tweeter

How to use evergreen stories to your advantageGhost tweeters are teams or individuals who are outsourced by companies to tweet on their behalf. It sounds like a simple concept, and in many ways it is but tweeting for a client is very different to tweeting for your own company or for yourself. If you are considering becoming a ghost tweeter for someone, […]

5 social media tips for bloggers

Social Media Foodie EventBloggers are now using social media to increase the success of their blogs. Many bloggers are creating a following on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote their brand and drive people to their website. Social media sites provide you with many opportunities to attract new followers to your blog, however with […]

5 ways to improve your search engine rank with social media

Where is your target audienceSearch engines now rank social media sites in their results. This means that the words you use on your social media sites will be displayed in the results of search engines and determine your rank. It is important for businesses to have a high search engine rank because it can increase your website traffic, which […]

Online influencers: Your most powerful advocates

Make the most of your media coverageApproaching online influencers is often overshadowed by the more obvious choices of starting a Facebook page or Twitter account when businesses are looking to spread the word about their business or product. However, online influencers from other Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, blogs and/or forums have the ability to be your most powerful advocates if you […]

Google+ Business Pages: What are the advantages?

rp_Man-pressing-social-media-icon2-150x150.jpgMost businesses today have at least a website and tend to dabble with at least one or two social media platforms. Of course, it isn’t essential to have a profile in each and every platform available. However, if the platform is relevant to the business’ communications strategy, it is essential that they begin engaging within […]

How to create a perfect social media team

rp_Business-group-looking-forward-150x150.jpgSocial media can be time consuming and overwhelming if you’re trying to control it on your own. So why not enlist the help of a social media team. You can create your own social media team by teaching other employees how to use social media. The benefits of a social media team include the generation […]