Tips to grow your LinkedIn network

May 3, 2012 · → No Comments

LinkedIn is a great social media platform, which allows you to connect with other business professionals and people in your industry.

To gain the best results from LinkedIn it’s important to grow your LinkedIn network by connecting with new people.

Social Media Examiner has provided some great tips on how to build your LinkedIn network.

  1. Look for new connection opportunities: You should constantly be looking for new people on LinkedIn that you can connect with. Check the ‘people you may know’ section to see new people on LinkedIn that you might know. You can then send them an invitation to connect with you. You can also use the ‘Alumni’ search feature to find people you may know from the school or University you attended. 
  2. Be active on LinkedIn: You can grow your LinkedIn network when other people see that you are an active member on the social media platform. By constantly updating your status you will increase your visibility to others by regularly appearing in the LinkedIn newsfeed. Other people will then see you as a familiar face and may be more likely to connect with you on LinkedIn. You can increase your activity on LinkedIn by updating your status three times a day, commenting on other status updates, answering questions or commenting on other people’s profiles.
  3. Use LinkedIn at the best time of the day: The best time to be active on LinkedIn is in the afternoon or evening because most people use LinkedIn at this time. This means you can post your status updates at the best time for people to see and engage with them.
  4. Join LinkedIn groups: You can join a LinkedIn group to find new connections and increase your visibility on the social media platform. To maximise the benefits of a LinkedIn group you need to actively participate and contribute to the conversation. Post helpful comments, ask for advice and respond to other people’s posts.
  5. Post useful and interesting content: The information you post on LinkedIn must be relevant, interesting and useful to your connections. By posting great content other people will see you as an authority in your industry and as a valuable member on LinkedIn. Other people might then share your content with their connections.

When you grow your LinkedIn network you are creating relationships with other business professionals and people in your industry. This could then lead to new business or job opportunities.

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