How to effectively use an editorial calendar

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An editorial calendar is a valuable PR and social media tool that can help businesses to produce effective, timely and targeted content for their target audience. Businesses use multiple channels including blogs, websites and social media channels that all require fresh and exciting content; sourcing and organising this content can be a challenging task. Implementing …read more >>

The before, during and after of a media interview

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So you have just secured that media interview that can make a big difference to your company’s reputation. The ball is in your court now and it is up to you to make the most of it. It is a good idea to think about your interview in three stages – before the interview, during …read more >>

Tips for creating a thought leadership video

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Video is an excellent medium to use when looking to share your expertise and build your profile. Viewers are not only more likely to engage with visual content; they are also able to make a personal connection with you by watching your videos. Filming your own series of videos ensures that you have complete control …read more >>

How to create a winning bio

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A great bio is a critical tool for thought leaders to sell themselves to their target audience. If you are a spokesperson for your business, provide commentary in the media or speak at events, you need a winning bio. An expert bio showcases your expertise, experience and qualifications in a genuine way. It is not …read more >>

Why is earned media an important part of the marketing mix?

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Earned media is one of the latest buzzwords gaining attention in content marketing at the moment. Essentially, earned media is achieved when someone distributes content on your business’ behalf. When someone not associated with your brand mentions you on social media, in an online or offline publication or blogs about you; it is considered earned …read more >>

How to deliver a good television interview

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A television interview can help give you and your business great exposure in front of your target audience and also help you to visually connect with your audience. As your audience is able to see you, television can help you build trust and let people feel like they know you. Unlike other mediums, having an …read more >>

What the Oscars can teach us about creating content that goes viral

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If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars — Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) March 3, 2014 Ellen DeGeneres has managed to break Twitter records after taking a ‘selfie’ with Hollywood’s hottest celebrities at the Oscars. The photo smashed the record for the most retweeted image of all time in less than an hour. …read more >>

How to take advantage of trending news stories

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Cutting through the noise of the media and getting noticed by your target audience can sometimes be challenging. Taking advantage of the stories which are already getting noticed is an excellent place to start. Breaking news stories, the latest trends and current affairs are more likely to capture your target audience’s attention, generate social sharing …read more >>

Tips for building strategic relationships

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Building strategic relationships with the people important to the success of your business is critical. These relationships can lead to new business, improved customer or client engagement, and an improved reputation and profile. Here are our tips on some key ways you can build relationships with journalists, other professionals in your industry and your customers …read more >>

Tips for creating an excellent media list

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An effective media list is an important foundation for gaining media coverage in the publications, TV and radio programs and blogs your target audience consumes. A media list documents the key media contacts who would be interested in stories about your business or area of expertise. These media contacts may include journalists, reporters, bloggers, producers, …read more >>